Irina Pushkareva is a Miami based, marine artist inspired by the beauty and harmony of

the underwater world and it's inhabitants. 

For web. - Hawksbill Turtle, oil on wood
3 Interior.jpg
Front - Miniatus Grouper.jpg


     Irina Pushkareva was born in Kurgan, Russia, and was trained in traditional ways of painting and drawing in Arkhangelsk Art Academy in Moscow. Since graduating from Parsons, The New School with BFA in Fine Art in 2018, she has been creating and showing her work in the United States. Irina Pushkareva creates unique highly stylized oil paintings with moving wave-like sections of colors. Pushkareva developed this painting technique in 2016, when she was still a sophomore in Parsons. She did not like the traditional approach to oil painting, so she decided to play around with the medium, and invent her own contemporary oil painting style. 

Irina Pushkareva grew up on a farm in Russia and has interacted with animals her whole childhood. She adores all kinds of animals and believes that they have souls and feelings like we humans do. Since moving to Florida from New York in 2018, Irina Pushkareva has been fascinated with the beauty of the Atlantic ocean and especially - its wildlife. She decided to focus her artistic practice on marine life hoping to draw the viewers' attention to the harmony of the underwater world, and the fascinating beauty of its inhabitants. 

Currently, Irina Pushkareva lives and works in Miami, Florida.

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