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     Irina Pushkareva began to draw and paint as soon as she could hold a pencil at the age of 1 and half. In her teenage years, Irina was trained in traditional ways of painting and drawing, but found it restricting and wanted to break free from traditional art. In 2016, while studying in Parsons, Pushkareva developed her own contemporary oil painting style, which allowed her to create "moving, wave-like lines" of oil paint, instead of blending all the shades together like seen in traditional art forms. Since graduating in 2018 from Parsons with BFA in Fine Art, Pushkareva has been creating and showing her work in the United States.

In 2022, Irina travelled abroad to become the certified master of Suisai. Suisai is a philosophy about life, and it has it's roots in Raja Yoga. According to Suisai, every person was born with certain energies, and these energies are coded in your date of birth. Irina shares this knowledge with people, so they can deeper understand themselves. When you understand yourself and this life, you stop having complains about others and situations. You ditch the victim mentality, take responsibility, and become a driving force of your own life.

Irina's mission as an artist and a master of Suisai is to empower you to stay true to yourself and do what you love, by bringing you the sense of joy and serenity through her intricate paintings of the natural world, and helping you understand this life and your role in it through the knowledge of Suisai. The reason why she paints animals is because it was proven that watching animals in the wild reduces fatigue and stress, and brings amazement, joy, and peace to one's mind. No wonder why people travel such long distances for whale watching trips and safaris! Watching animals often helped Irina to find courage and peace to stay true to herself. It empowered her to work hard on what she loves to do the most - creating and sharing knowledge. Irina wishes to bring the same feelings to you through the power of her art and through the knowledge of Suisai.

Currently, Irina Pushkareva lives and works in Miami, Florida.




2010 Arkhangelsk Art Academy “Rapsodiya” in Moscow, Russia  

2018 BFA in Fine Art, Parsons The New School, New York, NY  


Group Exhibitions

2023 Live-painting at the Coral Gables Woman's Club Centennial Fashion Show, FL

2023 Live-painting and art show at the 38th Annual Everglades Coalition, Coral Springs, FL

2022 Art exposition at the SLS Brickell, Miami, FL 

2022 Ocean Exchange Award Ceremony, Hyatt Centric Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2022 Florida International Trade and Culture Expo (FITCE), Fort Lauderdale, FL 

2022 B Ocean Resort, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2022 7 Artists & Friends Gallery, Key West, FL

2022 Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 

2021 ART + STROLL, Fort Lauderdale, FL  

2021 Fireflies Garden Art and Music Festival, Miami, FL

2020 90th Annual Juried Exhibition, by National Art League, Douglaston, NY

2020 Off the Wall Online Auction, Dartmouth Cultural Center, MA

2020 Group Show in R House, by Silvio Rodrigues Music, Miami, FL 

2020 Live-painting in R House, Wynwood, Miami, FL 

2020 Live-painting at the SLS on South Beach, Miami, FL 

2020 Art Walk in R House, Wynwood, Miami, FL 

2020 12" x 12" Fundraiser Gala, Paul Fisher Gallery, Palm Beach, FL 

2020 Continuum Palm Beach Art Fair, Paul Fisher Gallery, Palm Beach, FL 

2019 SIP N' STROLL - FLA Panthers Art Walk at BBT Center, Miami, FL 

2019 Spectrum Miami, Miami, FL

2019 Court House Cultural Center, Stuart, FL

2019 Writing on the Walls, presented by BlinkGroup Projects, Miami, FL

2019 Nude Nite Art Show, Orlando, FL

2018 Art Hearts Fashion Show, presented by Six Summit Gallery, New York, NY

2017 Twist, Parsons The New School, New York, NY

2017 BOS Salon Show, Space 776, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Stay Strong Mexico, Auction, New York, NY

2016 Salon Show, Greenpoint Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015 Coffee Festival, New York, NY

2015 Parsons The New School, New York, NY

2012 Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL

2012 Congressional Art Exhibition, U.S. Capitol Washington DC, United States


Solo Exhibitions


2022 Palm Beach Gardens Tennis & Pickleball Center, FL 

2021 Bubbles and Pearls solo showcase, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2020 Wynwood Tribe, Miami, FL

2017 Art of Irina Pushkareva, Beautique Lounge, New York, NY



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