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Caribbean Reef Octopus, 12" x 12"
  • Caribbean Reef Octopus, 12" x 12"


    Caribbean Reef Octopus, 2022

    12 x 12 in

    30.5 x 30.5 cm

    Oil on wood board

    This painting is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed and dated by Irina Pushkareva. 


    Free Shipping in the US!


    Courtesy of the 7 Artists & Friends Gallery in Key West.


    Courtesy of the 7 Artists & Friends Gallery. 

    Adress: 213 Simonton St., Key West, FL 33040


    💡 Insight: “🐙 Octopus is one of the most fascinating sea animals! It is intelligent, elegant, beautiful. It slowly moves in the water hypnotizing you with its delicate yet fast and strong body, that perfectly merges with its environment. This octopus brings you the instant sense of peace and awe. And then it notices you and stops! It looks at you, but doesn’t swim away. This is the moment when you feel the divine connection with this being and its surrounding. You are not just a viewer any longer. You are a part of something much bigger than you are! And small misfortunes that are going on in your life right now don’t matter anymore. They are just small parts of the much bigger image.” - Irina

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