Reef Octopus, 12" x 12" on canva - paper
  • Reef Octopus, 12" x 12" on canva - paper


    “I am amazed by how intelligent octopuses are, and how they can twist and turn their bodies in different ways. They are free. So you are too. Close your eyes, feel your body, and move it as if you are an octopus. You will inevitable feel more grounded and confident in your own skin. Connect with your body, and you will move through this life with ease, like an octopus in the water.” - Irina Pushkareva


    Reef Octopus, 2021

    12 x 12 in

    30.5 x 30.5 cm

    Oil on canva-paper

    This painting is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed and dated by Irina Pushkareva. 


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