Lobster, 12" x 12"
  • Lobster, 12" x 12"


    Lobster, 2022

    12 x 12 in

    30.5 x 30.5 cm

    Oil on wood board

    This painting is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed and dated by Irina Pushkareva. 


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    Courtesy of the 7 Artists & Friends Gallery. 

    Adress: 213 Simonton St., Key West, FL 33040


    Insight: It’s so important to stay calm in any kind of situation. Be it in the most stressful, most scary, or when you are blindly falling in love. During all these times, emotions control us. And when we follow our emotions we can’t see things the way they actually are. In fact, very often the situation is not that scary, stress is only in your head, and that mad emotion of love will dissolve in 3-5 years. That is why it is so important to stay CALM 🧘 . I create my wildlife paintings with the intention to bring serenity to your life, because watching animals in the wild was proven to reduce stress and bring peace to one’s life. Only in the peaceful state of mind you can chose your responses, your reactions, even your thoughts, and most importantly you can consciously chose love over passion or hatred.