I create highly stylized oil paintings with the moving wave like sections of colors, where I am able to represent the divine connection between everything on this planet and the universe. My artistic practice is divided into 2 parts.

In the first part, I am aiming to capture the hypnotizing gaze and essence of wild animal species through their eyes. People say that eyes are doors to the soul. Do animals have soul? If they do, how can I capture it in my paintings, and translate it to viewers. I always ask myself these questions when I create. It is an everyday race for me to discover and portray an animal's soul.

In the second part of my practice, I explore the spiritual relation between humans and animals. The starting points for my research are myths, legends, and belief systems of indigenous people from all corners of our planet, that are often ignored, banished or misrepresented by a Western education. Over time, my research is leading me to question the origins of humanity, which makes finding the answer as to why humans perceive and treat animals the way they do more perplexing and intriguing. 

- Irina Pushkareva, 2020